Resumes for Career Changers Workshop

Go from Career Changer to Professional [your new field]

Learn how to write your resume so it says you are a professional in your new field, and not only a career changer. I designed this workshop to build your confidence and make your resume stand out.

Tue, June 25th, 12noon – 1:30pm CDT

Creating a Winning Resume

Have you made these mistakes on your resume?

The invention of Resumes for Career Changers workshop has helped hundreds of career changers go from feeling unsure about their job search to being confident in what they bring to the table.

Many aspiring career changers write their resumes the same as they did before their career change. The trouble is that their resumes do not align with their next position. Most don’t understand why they are not able to find a job. Instead, they continue to be disappointed in the lack of results, not to mention what rejection after rejection does for their own well-being.

Why do so many career changers find themselves making these mistakes?

Why is it career changers end up continuing to send out resumes only to hear crickets month after month?

After 3 years of helping career changers prepare for their job search, the answer is clear. Most career changers are never taught the fundamentals of writing a resume as a career changer.

What I’ve been doing over the last 3 years?

Over the last 3 years, I’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes for career changers. In this time I’ve gone from 0 to over 7000 followers on LinkedIn.

I’ve analyzed every resume I’ve reviewed in the last 3 years and have documented the most common mistakes and how to fix them. When I share these fixes with career changers, they immediately have an ‘aha’ moment. They are re-energized about their job search and move forward with confidence.


Great tips on creating bullet points w/ impact and using ChatGPT to generate ideas using prompts!

– Ryan Paul Belisle

Carma gave specific actionable tips on crafting a resume for a career transition into UI/UX. She walked us through each major element of a resume and described step-by-step how to showcase our skills for the new career market. It was simple and impactful

– Nicole Jackson

Great interactive feedback and response to questions.

– Donny Flynn

The Resumes for Career Changers Workshop

It’s impossible to show the impact you can make as a career changer if you are writing your resume the same way you’ve always done. I’ve reverse-engineered this workshop to solve the biggest reasons why most resumes don’t perform well for career changers:

  • Your resume doesn’t align with your next position.
  • Your resume doesn’t adequately emphasize your recently acquired skills.
  • Your resume contains distracting information.
  • Your resume isn’t clear what you bring to the table.


And so, your resume continues to get no results. You hear only crickets. And it leaves you wondering what’s wrong with you.

It’s not necessarily you! It’s time to make your resume impactful!

This workshop is your opportunity to learn how to solve these problems quickly. I’ve packed three years experience of helping other career changers into a 90 minute workshop.

Hi! I'm Carma!

I am a career changer myself, and it changed my life. This led me on a journey where I’ve become passionate about helping others live life by their unique design.

A big part of life is our work. I want to see others do work that aligns with who they are. Work that keeps them excited and motivated.

I devote my time to helping others find their place in their new field. I can help you if you are making a career transition.

Career Changer Specialist Carma Baughman

Say Hello to Resumes for Career Changers Workshop

Tuesday, June 25th
12noon – 1:30pm CDT
Recording will be available


    1. All the Great Things You’ve Done
      • The best way to communicate your previous experience
      • Simple way to apply your-next-job perspective to your previous experience
    2. Know exactly what recruiters and hiring managers want
      • The components of a job posting and why it matters
      • Super-simple process to know what to include on your resume
    3. Integrate relevant experience for maximum impact
      • New ways of discovering your transferable skills to make your resume more relevant
      • Guiding principles to emphasize your recently acquired skills in your new field
    4. Craft compelling bullets
      • Two simple frameworks for writing impactful bullets
      • The secrets to discovering results from your previous experience


    • Ways to use ChatGPT to write your resume in 50% less time
    • Discover the one system to easily customize your resume every single time

    Leverage frameworks to save time writing your resume and make it more impactful for each job application.

    Value: $299

Would you invest $49 to get your dream job?

This is the resume writing system that makes your resume stand out from the competition.

Look I get it. You’ve got loads to do and you don’t want to attend workshops that don’t deliver. You want value for money and honestly, that’s exactly what I want too. It’s my mission to make sure you get value for money.

I’ve seen people charge $299+ for workshops like this.

I’m not going to charge you that. Not even half that. Not even a quarter.

Sound like a good deal?

You can get the Resumes for Career Changers workshop for only $49.

And, if you want me to review your resume after applying the principles you learn in this workshop, you can get the workshop + review for $79.

Get the juicy secrets to creating a winning resume as a career changer. These principles will not only make your resume stronger, you’ll know what to share in your cover letter and in your interview!

After working with career changers for the past 3 years, here is my Resumes for Career Changers workshop.

Tue, June 25th, 12:00-1:30pm CDT*


Create a Winning Resume
$ 49
  • Recognize your most relevant experience
  • Craft compelling bullet points
  • Attract hiring managers/recruiters attention
  • Discover the 'master resume' concept
  • Get your questions answered

Workshop + Professional Resume Review

$ 79
  • Everything in the Workshop option
  • Professional review of your resume
  • Receive actionable steps
  • Video recording of your review

*This workshop will be recorded and will be sent to all those who sign up.

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