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How to Create a Winning UX/UI Resume
With No Prior UX/UI Experience

An easy-to-use step-by-step guide on how to craft a winning resume for UX/UI positions as a career changer.

This is your resource to go from not knowing what’s relevant from your past experience to being confident in knowing what you bring to the table – and how to show that in your resume so you land your dream job!

Plus, you get access to guides, templates, and ChatGPT prompts.

What others have to say

Invaluable in my job search

Carma’s advice and insight have been invaluable in my job search process. Through her work, I have been able to clearly see how many transferable skills I have in UX, found metrics to measure my previous work experience, and redesigned my resume resulting in more callbacks from recruiters. I would highly recommend this book for any career changer into UX Design who wants to refine how they present themselves and their entire career history to recruiters and hiring managers.

Julie Harris

former Director of Hospitality turned UX Designer

Exactly what I needed

As a career changer myself, this book is exactly what I needed! After reading this book, I immediately started to update my resume so that I highlight skills that I used in past jobs that carry over into UX design. The templates are an extremely useful guide for anyone looking for help getting their resume updated. Having information that recruiters look for included in this book makes me feel like I now have an upper hand while updating my resume, thanks to Carma! I will be reading this book again and again while finishing my resume and portfolio, knowing this will make my career change that much easier!

Andrew Ladwig

Quality Control Manager transitioning to UX/UI

Reduce the stress of not knowing where to start

If you’re looking to break into the UX/UI design field with little or limited experience, “How to Create a Winning UX/UI Design Resume with No Prior UX/UI Experience,” is a good find for any new career changer searching for where to start in the application process. With workbook pages, resume pages, and tips it is a nice guide to help reduce the stress of not knowing where to start and how.

Oluwaseyi Aladeselu

Luxury Travel Advisor and Product Designer

Book Extras & Bonuses

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  • Your Transferable Skills
  • Your Past Experience
  • Your UX/UI Projects
  • Top Skills
  • One-column Resume
  • Two-column Resume


  • Resume Power Words for UX/UI
  • 30+ Job Boards for UX/UI Positions
  • 12 Ways to Find Real-world Projects for Your Online Portfolio
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I'm Carma

I am a career changer myself, and it changed my life. This led me on a journey where I’ve become passionate about helping others live life by their unique design.
A big part of life is our work. I want to see others do work that aligns with who they are. Work that keeps them excited and motivated.
Since I’m most familiar with the design world (20+ years!), I devote my time to helping others find their place in the design space. I can help you if you are making a career transition into design.
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