Are you struggling with writing your resume
as a career changer looking for a UX/UI position?

Writing resume workshop
Get more callbacks with a winning UX/UI resume!

Tue, Nov 14th, 3:30-5pm CDT

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to:

  • Get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers with your unique story
  • Showcase your expertise: Even if you don’t have direct UX/UI experience
  • Shine a spotlight on your newly acquired UX/UI skills

And, an added bonus!

How to use chatGPT and save over 50% of your time in writing (and customizing) your resume!

If you’ve said or thought:

“I don’t have any experience in UX/UI.”

“I’m not get any call backs from sending out resumes.”

“How do I share my previous experience if it has nothing to do with UX/UI?”

Then this workshop is for you!

By attending this workshop, you will:

  • Write stronger bullet points: Gain practical insights how to share your story on your resume for maximum impact

  • Know how to optimize ChatGPT: Explore useful tips on using ChatGPT to enhance your resume, making it more impactful for potential employers

  • Expand your professional circle: Connect with like-minded professionals and career changers

  • Receive personal guidance: Get your questions answered in this interactive workshop 

Get ready to transform your resume and open the door to your UX/UI career!

Don’t miss out—secure your spot now!


Tue, Nov 14th, 3:30-5pm CDT

Only $19

NOTE: This is an interactive workshop. To get the most out of this workshop, please plan to attend.

When you sign up, you will get a free download of Visual Steps for a Winning Resume. We will cover the main points of this download in the webinar.

*This workshop will be recorded. 

Just $19 away from getting your own winning resume!

I want to keep the price low to reach as many career changers as possible. I promise, it’ll be massive value even at this low price.

Extras & Bonuses for all 'live' attendees

Free downloads for you


  • Your Transferable Skills
  • Your Past Experience
  • Your UX/UI Projects
  • Top Skills
  • One-column Resume
  • Two-column Resume


  • Resume Power Words for UX/UI
  • 30+ Job Boards for UX/UI Positions
  • 12 Ways to Find Real-world Projects for Your Online Portfolio

What others have to say

Invaluable in my job search

Carma’s advice and insight have been invaluable in my job search process. Through her work, I have been able to clearly see how many transferable skills I have in UX,

Julie Harris

former Director of Hospitality turned UX Designer

Exactly what I needed

As a career changer myself, [this] is exactly what I needed! I immediately started to update my resume so that I highlight skills that I used in past jobs that carry over into UX design.

Andrew Ladwig

Quality Control Manager transitioning to UX/UI

Reduce the stress of not knowing where to start

If you’re looking to break into the UX/UI design field with little or limited experience, [this] is a good find for any new career changer searching for where to start in the application process. 

Oluwaseyi Aladeselu

Luxury Travel Advisor and Product Designer

Writing resume workshop: Get more callbacks!

Interactive Workshop 

Tue, Nov 14th, 3:30-5pm CDT



Join us live for a practical learning experience that can shape your UX/UI career!

Don’t miss out—reserve your spot now!

When you sign up, you will get a free download of Visual Steps for a Winning Resume. We will cover the main points of this download in the webinar.

*This workshop will be recorded.

Your Workshop Leader

Hi! I’m Carma!
I am a career changer myself, and it changed my life. This led me on a journey where I’ve become passionate about helping others live life by their unique design.
A big part of life is our work. I want to see others do work that aligns with who they are. Work that keeps them excited and motivated.
Since I’m most familiar with the design world (20+ years!), I devote my time to helping others find their place in the design space. I can help you if you are making a career transition into design.
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