Carma Baughman

Strengthen Your Portfolio by Completing Real Projects. Here’s how.

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Are you a recent graduate with a UX /UI Design degree or certificate? Make your portfolio stand out from all the rest. Plus, potential employers love to see ‘real-world’ projects in your portfolio. You don’t have to settle for your student projects. Try this instead. Visit these websites. Complete one or more projects that will […]

Be Different. Find Your Next UX Job Using These 6 Niche-Specific Job Boards

Are you looking for your next UX job? Most likely you’ve heard of the big guys: Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn. But, did you know about the UX niche job boards? Avoid all the competition on the big job boards and check out the UX positions posted on these niche job boards UX Job Boards UX Job […]

How to Write a Cover Letter

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After helping numerous career changers over the years, the cover letter remains one of the least favorite activities. The problem is we think too much about it. And, the key is keeping it short! Let’s break it down into very doable steps. 1st Paragraph: Introduce Yourself Get the hiring manager’s attention right away. Tell a […]

Understanding Seasons of Life so You Can Make Better Decisions

Seasons of life help define the decisions that are right for you.

When I graduated from college in my early 20s, I was focused on relationships and making money. I wanted a job that paid well. I wanted to live where I could meet other young single people. In that season, I made decisions to meet those needs. Now, approaching 60, my focus is on family and […]

How to Discover Who You Are

Discover Who You Are

To make the best decisions for who you are, you have to know who you are! Seems obvious, right?! In order to know discover who we really are, we need to understand our experiences likes and dislikes values dreams It wasn’t till I was in my 30s that I realized I really didn’t know who […]