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Are you finding it hard to make a decision?

Learn how to make the choices that best align with who you are.

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Do you struggle with making decisions that fit you best?

Maybe you want to please others. Or, you don’t want to disrupt the ‘plan’ (whatever the plan is!). Or, you lack the confidence to do what you know is right for who you are.

I understand. I’ve been there. 

Over the years, as I’ve struggled with making the best decisions for how I am designed, I’ve developed a process. This process helps me make decisions that best align with who I am. And, I’ve used the same process to help others do the same.

Using this process, they feel better about their decisions. They have more confidence. They experience more fulfillment. 

Making decisions has become so much easier.

I want the same for you.

What Decision Can I Help You With?


There are so many ways to ‘do’ your career. You don’t have to feel ‘stuck’ in a corporate job, or in an industry, or even in a certain skillset. Are you at a crossroads? Or, just not sure of the next step?


As a business owner for 20 years, I understand. Decisions. Processes. Options. Customer Service. Wearer of many hats. What's the next step? Where do I focus my time?


Are you stuck in making a decision that really isn't tied to a career or business? Life is so much more than just work. Need help in understanding a situation, or just want to discuss something?

Hi! I'm Carma!

I help ambitious, creative, goal-driven individuals make the next decision.

I simplify the decision process so it becomes clearer to you what the next step is.

My goal is to help you take action – whatever that might be. To move forward and not to feel stuck. 

So, if you are feeling stuck or not sure what the next move is, you are at the right place.

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Your Foundation For Making the Best Decision

Discover Who You Are

Who You Are

To make the best decision for who we are, we need to really know ourselves. Experiences. Likes/Dislikes. Values. Dreams.

Seasons of life help define the decisions that are right for you.

Your Seasons

To make the best decisions for who we are, we need to understand the seasons of life we are in. What seasons are you in?

A Decision is Yes and No

Yes and No

It's not 'yes' or 'no', but 'yes' and 'no'. When we say 'yes' to something, we are also saying 'no' to something else.

Make the best decisions for your unique design. 

4 Steps to Making the Best Decisions

Make decisions that fit you best!

Feel confident about your decisions by following these 4 steps.

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