Carma Baughman

Resume Review

Is your resume being noticed? Are you getting interviews? Let’s make it happen!

Submit your resume just like you were applying for a job. I will review it as if I’m the recruiter.  Having evaluated hundreds of resumes, I understand what’s needed to stand out from the crowd.

I’ll assess your resume as it pertains to the job you are targeting. (You must include a job posting that best matches your desired position.)

You’ll not only get my feedback, but you’ll also gain clarity on your skills and value. You’ll better understand what you bring to the table.

I’ll evaluate your resume on:

  • alignment to the position you are seeking
  • content
  • overall effectiveness

I will email you to let you know what you did well, what can be improved upon, and actionable suggestions to improve your resume. Allow 2-5 business days for the review.

NOTE: This is not a live collaborative process. There are no phone calls or video chats. You are welcome to add any questions or comments about your resume when you order this service. Plus, you can respond via email with any questions you have after receiving my feedback.

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $95.00.

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